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Services and Guidance

Here you can find out a little more about what services I provide.

Please do get in contact if you require a service that is not currently listed or need to discuss further. 

Every family will be unique in the level of support needed and I will be able to best advise you of my fee when we discuss your individual requirements. 

You will be provided with a dedicated and quality service that reflects my passion, experience & extensive training.

A signed contract and deposit will be taken prior to secure your booking and invoices will be provided.

Maternity Night Nanny

As your Maternity Night Nanny I will typically work a 10 hour night. I will arrive with plenty of time for a thorough handover of the day and then assume sole charge care of your little one.  If you are breastfeeding then I will bring baby to you for feeds as needed, or I can bottle feed baby. I will see to babies care entirely & leave you in the morning with a tidy nursery, bottles washed and baby handed over with detailed notes of the nights feeds, leaving you feeling well rested and ready to take on your day. I will offer you gentle guidance on helping baby settle into a good habits and help you establish a routine if you require.  

£25ph Single Baby £35 Twins

Sleep Coaching

Smooth Start Sleep Solutions!

I offer Sleep Coaching in the form of semi remote or 'in home' support, where I will typically spend 5-7 nights with you. My techniques and approach are gentle and holistic in nature and a sleep plan bespoke to your families needs will be put in place, once we have found an approach suitable. Your child will never be left to cry alone or feel abandoned. We will never use harsh quick fix methods. I will equip you with the tools and support you need to successfully work towards better sleep goals for your whole family and get that tricky sleeper, sleeping! You will feel confident and comfortable with the techniques we put in place so that you can commit to the plan for effective results. I require a 48 hour diary and a home visit prior to any night time support. For babies who are healthy, well and 6 months plus only. 

£35 per hour.

Sleep Consult

Bespoke Sleep Plan Package:

This package includes a home visit or Zoom consultation lasting up to two hours. You will then receive a detailed, bespoke sleep plan sent within 72 hours of the consult. Upon implementing your sleep plan I will provide priority email/WhatsApp support for 7 days. I will be on hand as you implement our plan and coach you through the process. 

£700 Singles 

Full Consultation as above, session notes & 5 follow up phone calls up to 1 hour each to be used within 3 months.


Full consultation, session notes and one follow up phone call lasting up to one hour.

£400 Single, £500 Twins. 

Consultation and session notes only- suitable for those who require a 'troubleshooting' consult session with no additional support.

£300 Singles, £400 Twins.

New Parent Support Package

 This package includes a home visit (1 night) after birth to meet baby and parents and help with any practical concerns such as breast or bottle guidance, baby care and emotional support. Followed by 4 pre-arranged 'Check in' phone calls, to be used within 3 months. 



Sometimes you just need someone to hand to ask endless questions and bolster your confidence as a parent with hands on support.  Trouble shooting visits can vary from 24 to 72 hour sessions within your home. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements. 

(3 hour break per 24 hours)

£30 per hour.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available to buy in any quantity, whether that be monetary, a specific amount of nights or bespoke package of care. Please get in touch to discuss further.