Infant Sleep Consulting, Night Nannying Services & Postnatal Support In the Cotswolds and Across The South West of England.

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Covid-19 Announcement: Please rest assured that the health and safety of the families working with me remains top priority during this time of uncertainty. In repsonse to managing the virus, all home visits have been suspended and all services can now be accessed by Video call, Telephone, Email and Whatsapp. As a thank you for your continued support all consulting fees will have a 15% discount applied with additional access to Q&A's and Online Workshops for free.  I look forward to continueing to support you through lockdown. Sending well wishes and good health to all. F x

How are you sleeping? 

Do you need support to better understand your child's behaviours? Do frequent night waking's have you exhausted and frustrated? Poor sleep can effect the whole family, but I can help. 

Whatever is going on within your home, we can work together to optimise sleep and restore calm, helping you to feel better rested and enjoy parenthood.

Fern came to visit us when we were desperate for help with our 8 month old boy who appeared to hate sleep! The consultation process was incredibly detailed, with the main focus on understanding our child's personality, nature and needs. She gave us clarity and equipped us with advice and guidance that we could immediately put into practise. We saw improvements very quickly and within a fortnight he was sleeping 12 hour nights in his own cot, napping perfectly and so much happier. We still can't really believe it! Above all else we feel so much more confident as parents and we are finally sleeping too! 

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