Providing a hands on, respectful approach and delivering high standards of care within your home.​

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Why choose me? 

In an industry flooded with people promising you the world and at a moment in your life when all you really need is someone to just walk right on in and just 'get you' and your family, why should you chose me? 

Sleep Coaching: 

I predominantly work as a gentle sleep consultant, working with families to address and resolve night time behaviours and disturbances.

Working as a team, your parenting values and ethos will be respected and supported as we create a bespoke sleep plan catered specifically to your child in which you feel confident and comfortable with. 

I will work with you to help you better understand what is developmentally appropriate and achievable with the emotional wellbeing of your child of utmost importance. I employ evidence based techniques with a holistic approach to improve sleep for the whole family, prioritising parental bonds and where applicable, the breastfeeding relationship. I empower you to read your child's signals and meet their needs responsively and gently whilst guiding them to better sleep, equipping them with skills for life and setting them up for long lasting success. There is no cookie cutter approach and no harsh methods- You will never be asked to ignore your child or use CIO methods. 

Maternity Night Nanny & Postnatal Support:

It is my passion to empower parents to discover and trust their new found instincts. When it feels like it's all going pear-shaped I am in your corner, cheer-leading you on. When it all feels magical I share in that happiness... I will never tell you what to do or dismiss your thoughts or feelings. If you require it I can guide you in setting good sleep habits and routines that suit your family or advise on any number of related issues, but ultimately it is my goal to care for you just as much as your baby, so that you can nurture your baby, well rested and well looked after so that your own calm and well-being can flow through your home and ripple outwards. Happy Parents. Happy Baby.

 I deliver high standards of care within a client’s home, with a practical hand’s on approach, whilst respecting the role of the parent at all times. This I feel, is key to establishing the great relationships I have with my clients. I am by nature a loving and affectionate person and it is of utmost importance to me that any children in my care feel safe, secure and loved at all times. I work with parents every step of the way to make sure that we are working towards your family’s goals- whatever they may be, together, safely and effectively. As both a professional and a mother to two children of my own, I delight in being able to use my knowledge and experience to help others, whilst always being open to new learning. I hope to provide a calming and supportive environment, bringing my cheerful disposition to brighten up those tougher moments and upon my leaving, know that you feel confident, well rested with a happy baby!

I have been a Nanny since 2008 and in various child focused roles. For a while, SSNS collaborated with well-respected professionals to provide CPD workshops to other childcare practitioners. Following the birth of my two children I then decided to shift my focus solely to Infant and Newborn care, working full time as a Maternity Night Nanny and Sleep Consultant.

I hold a clean full UK driving license; have full public liability insurance, pediatric first aid training and a current DBS at all times as standard. In addition to my years of experience, I am a OCN Level 6 Holistic Sleep Coach, currently the most in-depth sleep course available within the industry.

 I hold a level 3 diploma in Childcare, passed with distinction, a level 4 diploma in Child and Adolescent Nutrition, passed with distinction. I hold Level 3 OCN accredited training in Reflux and Early Allergies, Level 4 OCN accredited training in Infant Sleep & Sleep Training, OCN Level 3 accredited training in Postnatal Depression and OCN Level 3 Breastfeeding, with further training in Advanced Breastfeeding, Tongue Tie, Maternal Complications, Birth Trauma, and Advanced Sleep undertaken. 

I am also a Motherhood Studies Practitioner and Certified Developmental Play Practitioner. 

 In addition I regularly attend webinars, conferences, training workshops and CPD courses to keep at the forefront of new guidelines and ever changing industry standards. 

I have experience with a variety of techniques and parenting approaches, allowing me to adapt to your parenting wishes whatever they may be. It is my belief that no matter how much experience or training you have there is always room for additional learning, and for that reason I utilize the mentorship of highly experienced industry professionals, and prioritize ongoing professional training to ensure the quality of care I provide is always at its best.  I am also a full member of The International Association of Child Sleep Consultants, International Paediatric Sleep Association, The British Sleep Society and a Sleep Practitioner with Peppy Health Tech.

...But don't just take my word for it, take a look at my testimonial page for first hand recommendations from happy parents. 

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